About CALIBER 2019

CALIBER 2019 offers a unique opportunity to information professionals and knowledge managers to expand their horizons and extend professional expertise. It is a focused event that addresses latest trends on an important theme and sub themes. CALIBER brings together practitioners and academicians in the field of library and information science and computer science from across the world. Leading experts, IT gurus, and vendors from around the globe participate in the event. CALIBER has proved to be a forum for renowned and trend-setting speakers to stimulate strategic discussions among librarians, information specialists, publishers from all over the country and beyond.

CALIBER an International Convention organized by the INFLIBNET Centre at different parts of the country in collaboration with universities, invites high quality papers on research & technical works, case studies, technology updates etc. related to the themes and sub-themes of the convention mentioned below. The convention provides a unique forum to the library and information professionals, teachers, IT professionals, consultants and users involved in automation and networking of libraries as well as information providers to come together and interact on the subjects of mutual interest. The theme of the 12th International CALIBER is "Library 2030: Moving Towards Smart Technologies, Services and Resources".

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